Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Grow your business

Sproutyyc can help your business get more clients through social and search media, one of our most successful tools of marketing is Facebook with over 2 Billion active users it is safe to say Facebook is the most successful marketing tool in terms of social media.

Facebook is full of potential customers and it is only a matter of pinpointing the correct ones. It is of no use to advertise to masses smart advertising is finding the target audience and advertising to them. 


We can find your potential customers in facebook groups, now joining 100s of groups is not the way to go, what we do is we find a maximum of three suitable groups and ensure regular participation and make our mark, the group members will remember you as a go to expert of your niche.
We also join groups that are filled with your competitors we do this in order to talk to others who know your business as much as you do in order to accumulate whether we’re working towards the correct direction and we’re up to date with work.

Facebook groups is the place you can go to if you desire free advice and sproutyyc can offer advice on your behalf too in order to make you popular and an expert advisor, members of the group are potential clients and when thee see your expertise they will consider you when required. We wont just offer advice we may go as far as sending them a DM or offer skype in order to develop one on one relationships with potential clients. Initiating your own facebook group or page is also a commendable marketing technique and may open avenues to gain clients and customers. Facebooks ads and sponsored content has been beneficial to many firms, as little as $1 can gain hep you promote your product or services.most freelancers don't use Facebook ads to promote their services. If you can crack this method of marketing, you'll be able to tap into a goldmine of clients that your competitors have not.

We may collabarate with those who have similar products or services as you and request them to promote your service to their audience, for example post a video for a week and in return on our group or page we will do the same for them, this will open the gates to new clients.