Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

Advertise your business
via Linkedin

Linkedin consists of nearly 500 Million members spread across 200 countries, every 2 seconds a new member joins linkedin, this means the potential client database on Linkedin is enormous but it is different from Facebook because the client database is more captive, they are professionals keeping a keen eye out for opportunities.
We aim to earn the time, attention and interest of the potential client that we you on LinkedIn. we sharing free, valuable resources that will help a niche set themselves apart from their competitor.


 You can say that content is the currency, if you have substanstial content your business will run, you use this currency I.e content to buy the clients time, interest and attention. In order to gain their attention it is important that we set your service or product apart fro competitors, it must be eye catching, a huge number of people resort to linkedin with the aim to sell, we ensure that your service is different it looks apart. We demonstrate authority over the product or service like we know what we’re talking about more than anyone else, we are important and we can help with them achieve their targets.

Every other person claims to be an expert in their field, to really capture someone's trust you need to demonstrate authority and that's what we do, we create expert content to prove that we know what we are talking about and this company is the answer to your problems, we can help you reach your target

With so many cold calling and B2B sales calls these days it's not easy to just find someone on LinkedIn and invite them for a cup of tea or ask someone to jump on the phone for a bit.
It is important to earn the opportunity, otherwise you will not gain anyone's interest, you cannot ask for someone's trust you have to earn it, it is not possible to say to someone "buy my product" it is important to instill trust in your product and they themselves show an interest to purchase


Make sure to target your content to a niche audience, target a job title, an industry name, a company name in your subject.

For example if you want to sell your service to lawyers, mention it in your heading, you can instantly pinpoint your target audience as a result of Linkedins massive database.

You need to show that you understand the needs of a lawyer and what they need to make their firm successful only then will you instill trust in their and once you prove that you understand the industry you are targeting you will be able to capture their attention, you also need to show that you understand the challenges they face on a day to day basis.

So you need to make it clear that your specialization is in law if that's the audience you decide to target, you can do this through online video marketing but you must make your target audience clear.

So this means you must have a profile and case study of the lawyers you are targeting and also customer testimonials of your previous clients in order to build trust

Once you've built a relationship via video you can then ask them for fees for content, tips and expert advice.

For example you can make a video " how to gain legal cases" give some tips and suggestions but charge for the complete video.

It is of utmost importance to focus on the headline, if your headline is not catchy then nobody will want to consume the content. Eg. On LinkedIn you should place your headline as the following " Target Audience name + service+ benefits that appeal to them"

Suggested headline: lawyers, video, more clients.

Note: do not write your content like a sales letter or advertisement, but as an informative, helpful and strategic guide of how this target audience could use the service you're mentioning and what they may achieve one of the benefits they want.